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Modern Calligraphy - Intermediate

4.8(5 reviews)
Want to take your calligraphy skills up a notch? Then this workshop is for you!
£65 pp
2hrs 30min
What happens in this class?

Are you comfortable with your basic strokes and letters but are now wondering how to take your calligraphy to the next level? Then this class is perfect for you.

The Workshop

The class will begin by looking at improving your technique with letter formation and connections and diving into the realm of stylising and flourishing your calligraphy.

There will be a series of exercises to help you develop your own style:

  • Letter proportion
  • Bouncy lettering
  • Flourishing

In addition, you will be introduced to metallic ink and how to use medium other than ink with your nib.

Your intermediate calligraphy kit…

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Things to remember

Please bring along your own pen holder and favourite nib as these will not be supplied on the day.

Latest Reviews
4.8(5 reviews)
Laura Whittle - 27 July 2020
Hélène went to so much trouble to ensure this class went ahead. I feel very fortunate that I was able to attend the class 1 on 1 and get some much needed time away from a screen and get creative with calligraphy. The class expanded on what was taught at beginners class and I cannot wait to get practicing. Hélène was so patient and informative and created such a calm atmosphere. It really gave my calligraphy the boost is needed. Would definitely recommend :)
Ann Markowe - 20 May 2019
Another fun session with Helene Thion, this time teaching us about flourishing and bouncing techniques, and the use of metallic inks. Hugely enjoyable creative session. I like the fact that Helene gives us a clear steer on which papers and inks to try out; without that it could be bewildering to choose the right things. I have found calligraphy immensely relaxing; it is such a good way of turning off one’s mind from worries and just concentrating on making beautiful lettering. Highly recommended
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